About r-Rewards

r-Rewards is a multi-store Customer Loyalty, Referral & Feedback program.

  • It involves businesses in your area that matter to you like restaurants, spa & salons, pharmacies, retailers, utility service providers etc.
  • Using r-Rewards you can:

    • Join rewards program of all partner stores in your area
    • Earn reward (Cashback) points on every purchase at these partner stores
    • Check your earned points in real-time
    • Redeem points in real-time
    • Refer your friends/colleagues and earn more points
    • Give feedback on the service and earn more points
    • Check and avail store offers in real-time
    • Receive notifications from the store in real-time

    Benefits to the store:

    • Enroll customer instantly in a points based loyalty program
    • Generate incremental revenue from repeat purchase and referrals.
    • Share your store offers with members in real-time
    • Receive and act on customer feedback in real-time.
    • Build a customer database and run targeted email marketing campaigns to increase ROI
    • Seamless integration with POS software automates the entire process of points accumulation & redemption. No processing headache.

    Benefits to the store’s customer:

    • Earn points for purchases, referrals and feedback.
    • Avail store offers in real-time
    • Redeem points or rewards in real-time.
    • Enhanced engagement with the store resulting in increased patronage

    Customer enrollment into the loyalty program can happen using any of the three channels below:

    • Through r-Rewards customer app which can be downloaded from play store and app store
    • Through r-Rewards website

    Core Features

    • r-Rewards offers all core features of a customer loyalty program namely points management by client, points accumulation, points redemption, referrals, customer feedback and store offers notifications, all in real-time.
    • Additionally, r-Rewards mobile app makes the loyalty program completely user driven, which is its USP. Using the mobile app user can:
    • Accumulate points by uploading the bill after making the purchase.
    • Redeem points before making the payment.

    Pricing Plan (for stores)

    • We offer two different pricing plans and you can opt for one that is convenient for the business. Please contact us for more info info@r-rewards.com.

    Store Promotion

    • We will be actively promoting your store and store offers among our user base, which will help in acquiring new customers.

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